Warehouse Outlet 

Conveniently located off the highway in Binghamton, NY we offer; drop off repair service, Cash & Carry Discounts and  free local pick-up on all e-bay & internet sales. 

Open To The Public; M - F  (9 - 4 )
​or by appointment.

Parts & Repair Service

Our "Customer Loyalty Program " provides FREE Phone Tech Support and discounted parts and repair service on everything we sell, for as long as you own it, even after the warranty expires !  

We'll do what it takes, to keep your kitchen running smoothly! 


You've picked a great place to get started on upgrading your kitchen or to begin your dream of owning a restaurant! 

As an established  local business,  we are able to provide you the individual attention you deserve and the ongoing support you need to succeed.  

With over 35 years experience, we will explore your options and develop a plan of attack,  to meet your specific needs and budget! 

To Get Started;  we'll discuss your ideas, menu and budget,  then follow with a site-visit to your location. When you're ready to move forward , we can help with  a "floor plan" to submit for a building permit, along with budgets to use to obtain financing , equipment and hood system recommendations and more. 

Discover all the ways we can help you plan for your success and save you money when you  "Keep It Local" !

Layout &  Design 

From "Mom & Pops" to 100K + projects, we have the expertise to design your kitchen for efficiency, that is guaranteed to to pass your building code inspection! We also can help you with with traffic flow and dining-room layout, to keep your whole restaurant running smoothly  !  

Buddy Valastro & Chris Welsh 

"Behind The Scenes"

Our amateur video,

One night

5 local contractors

 the crew from

TLC "Bakery Boss" 

Equipment Sales 

Based on your budget, we offer new, used & refurbished equipment that is Tech Tested, Serviced  & Guaranteed ! 

Buy With Confidence - Ask to see the "Test Report" on file, or make an apt and you can take any equipment for a Test Drive!  



Mon - Fri  8:30 - 4 pm  
Or by Appointment



20 Broad Street 

Binghamton,  NY



Design & Sales  -  607-772-0232 

Service Calls   - 607-349-6038

Parts & Repair - 607-772-0161

Warranty Info

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Small Things

Big Difference !

Do you know Mike from Nirchi's in Vestal?? 

He was like a kid on Christmas morning,

when we fixed his "one-of-a-kind" sauce ladle. 

He said; "No-one is going to understand

just how HAPPY  this makes me" 

We understand Mike !

We love our quirky customers and

take PRIDE in the small things we do,

that make a big difference to them! 

Keep It Local 

 Supporting Our Local Restaurants for Over Over35 Years  


The Cake Boss thanks the Equipment Boss for help on the Baked Euphoria makeover.